Wednesday, January 15, 2014

All The Organizing is over, Now The Fun Begins.

I am happy to say everything is finally in place for our first  " Jewish Grand Strand Reads". It has been a very long process. I did it last year, but it was word of mouth without any of the temples being involved.  This year all the Jewish organizations are supporting it.

I was worried about this year with all the organizations involved. I thought I would loose control of my "baby". Luckily, this did not happen.  The different organizations let us run with it. Do the planning how we wanted.  Jesse, our temple's secretary at Temple Emanu-El has been great. She helped us with flyers and sending out emails.  Check out the invitation and flyer.

The only thing left is publicity. I am still hoping that our local paper would jump on board and talk to us about our event.  As of yet, nothing has happened. I really thought they would be interested because they don't have anything like this in town.  The Myrtle Beach community doesn't have a community read.  I was hoping that this may interest the community. But, I have to remember this is different than up north.

Anyway I am happy that the organizational part is done. We now have to wait for the end of the month RSVP's will start coming in.  We picked a nice restaurant in town called, Sea Captain's House. It is beautiful right on the water. The restaurant is encased in glass.   The menu is preset with everything inclusive with our guest speaker. I think it is a terrific deal, and a nice afternoon.

Are you wondering what book we picked? If you follow my blog than you may already know.  It is The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker.   I have been promoting The Golem And The Jinni to the hilt. Helene must be sick of me now. She must think I am a stalker. LOL!!


I have been wanting her to come down to South Carolina. But, unfortunately I am not sure why. No one has asked her to tour down south. I don't know why the Jewish community down here has not asked her to any Jewish speaking engagements. But, for that matter I don't think anyone has asked her up north either.  I am wonder why her novel has not caught on...

 A wonderful read. If you have not heard of it, you must have your head in the sand.  Everyone in our Jewish Community that has read it, LOVED IT! That must mean something.  I did not think I was a fan of magical realism.  But all that has changed recently.  Hoping some producer buys the rights to make this into a movie.

The book has romance, historical fiction, Jewish themes, magical creatures, Middle East and Jewish cultural themes. You can read my review here and also her guest post you can scroll below and find her there.

 You can check out the novel on Helene Wecker's website, also the author just had a wonderful discussion and Q/A on goodreads. One other event our book club is having, Helene Wecker will be joining us on SKYPE next month. We are all excited to meet her.

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