Shalom, my name is Susan. I would like to welcome you to my re-designed Jewish book blog, Bagels, Books, and Schmooze. I have been a blogger for about 5 years. Boy, has time flew. I just love the new design.

I am a book blogger of two book blogs, at Susan's Literary Cafe, and Bagels, Books, and Schmooze. Each of my blogs are different for different readers. I also am a book moderator of two book clubs.  Both are mainly Jewish readers.  Just happened that way. 

My other passions are I organize our Jewish Grand Strand Reads, and I am the Hadassah VP for Education.  As you can see I wear many hats. It depends when you get in touch with me what hat I will be wearing. 

I live in the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina. I have been living here for about thirteen years. I am a retired nurse, going back to school for medical coding, and Medical Administration Assistant.  I am a single mom with one adult son, and of course I can't forget my Tzit Zsu, named Natchat( hebrew for Joy). 

My love is basically reading, and book blogging. Yes, I call myself an adult book, Nerd.  And I am proud of it!  My choice of books are, you guessed novels, or non fiction that reads like a novel.  My biggest passion is historical fiction. I love books that take place during the roaring 20's. World War's. Something that I can learn something and do research, are my kind of books. 


mthsfreese@hotmail.com said...
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bevbird said...

Hi Susan,
My Hadassah book group discovered your site when we read The Bridal chair. I am wondering how you were able to get Gloria Goldreich to do a phone call with your group? is there a way to do with other authors?
thank you for any help.

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