Friday, March 16, 2018

White Houses: Book Review

White Houses
By Amy Bloom
E-Book from Netgalley

 Amy Bloom has done it again with her newest novel, White Houses. I absolutely loved White Houses. Her writing reminds me of Paula McLain( BTW Paula McLain is about to publish her newest novel, Love and Ruin in May).

Her writing is beautiful, and poetic. The book is written with Lorena's point of view.
I am a history buff, and this grabbed me right away. Especially writing about FDR, and Eleanor. . It is the story of  the friendship, and questionable relationship of Eleanor Roosevelt, and, Lorena Hickok. There has be controversy of the love relationship of these two women. During the time when her husband FDR was in office. Of course it was also said FDR had a relationship with his secretary.

The story is less about Eleanor and more about Lorena Hickok, the journalist. The story opens when Lorena was a little girl. She had a tough childhood. How she was able to turnaround her life and make something of  herself.

I loved the road trip of Eleanor and her touring the country to investigate and report back to her husband, FDR. How bad the country was affecting us as US citizens. The poor conditions, the food lines, soup kitchens, living conditions, etc.

I loved the description of the time period by the author. Felt like the author was totally accurate. From the curtains in the WH to the lamp posts outside. The author made you feel like you were living during his presidency, and culture of the United States.

For once an author is not afraid to talk about middle age lovers. With their wrinkles and all. Even aging is beautiful. Also reading at first I had a difficult time. Not because of the lesbian affair. But, talking intimate subjects between her, and her lover. I felt like I was invading her privacy. Once I got beyond it. I was immersed in the story. Yes, even admired people have flaws, and are human. I was sorry that the book had to end.

Unfortunately, I am writing the review about a month later after I read it. The book is not fresh in my memory. But, what I remember, I loved the book and recommend it highly. Thank you for allowing me to review, Random House. 


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