Saturday, January 11, 2014

G-d Bless Ariel Sharon

                                                 February 26, 1928- January 11, 2014
  From 2001-2006 Prime Minister Ariel Sharon served  his country. Before he was Prime Minister he was Defense Minister for Israel. He also became a general in the (Israel's military) IDF.  He was surrounded by controversy during his military and state office.

In 2006 he succumbed to a massive stroke and had been in a coma for eight years.  He was larger than life during his lifetime.  He fought til the end of his life as he did in life, like a warrior.  He was surrounded by personal tragedies. He is the news article announcing his death in the Jewish Forward. Another article about the love-hate relationship we had with him in the United States

  Here is the official website of Prime Minister Sharon.  The Jerusalem Post has a article about his passing and funeral here.  I pray for Prime Minister Sharon and his family. You can now be in peace. May your name be in blessed memory.

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