Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Time Keeper: Book Review- Mitch Albom

Time Keeper
By Mitch Albom

 This is the story of three main characters. Dor, Sara, and Victor.  Dor wants to have more time with his wife Alli, who is gravely ill, and on her death bed. He then gets to heaven and longer than he wishes.

 Because of this he is stuck  for a long while in heaven. He goes up to the heavens and is stuck there for 6,000 years.  He is sent to earth to save Victor and Sara.

He is told to find two people. One person that is asking for a short time to live. The other wants to live much longer.

Victor, rich, and 14th wealthiest person in the world. He is dying of cancer. He wants to be put to sleep in a cryolab, until they find a way to cure cancer. Once they find the cure, he will be awakened.   He doesn't consult his wife. Instead he is just driven to the lab. Without any concern about his family.

Sara, a teenage girl, book worm, quiet, awkward socially, and smart, she doesn't have any friends, and lonely. She has a crush on Ethan.  This is her first love. She has no experience with guys. She meets him in a homeless shelter.

He tries to get her drunk and have sex. Luckily Sara, knows the difference from right and wrong.
But she moons over him, and gets so absorbed with him. She lets everything fall to the wayside.  She buys him a expensive watch, which he brushes off, and tells her forget it.  She decides she is going to try another tactic, instead, she will send a private message on facebook. She goes on facebook, and she is humiliated. She wants to commit suicide.

By the end of the story, like all of Mitch Albom's books it is a happy ever after. Father time is able to get back to his wife. But, how? You end up asking questions about your life, and time.  Is there a happy ever after? For Father Time? You will have to read Time Keeper to find out.

Reading the story, reminded me of Christmas Carol. Because when father time is helping them realize what they are doing. He is discussing the future, and present and past. Look what you are doing to your mother, or your wife. Do you realize the consequences of what could happen.  It makes you think of your own life. When things get bad, there is always hope that things can get better. You keep on trucking. There are the bad days and good days, each one of us have.


bermudaonion said...

My book club has chosen this book to read. I'm sure most of them will enjoy it but I can't help but wonder if we'll have much to discuss.

Risa said...

I loved this book! It really makes you reflect on your own life.

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