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Book Review: The Patriots

The Patriots
By Sana Krasikov

Review copy from Random House
Christine Mykitsyshyn

 I absolutely loved reading The Patriots. It is my first read reading a novel that takes place in Russia. This is the first time I have to say, I didn't like the book. Then after finishing I loved it after thinking about it. Here is a review here.

If you are not aware of the history of Russia. And, if you love history period. And specifically if you love Russian history. This novel is for you. This is a multi-generational novel in scope. The Patriots develops on two continents, USA and USSR now Russia.  I didn't know what to expect from The Patriots. Part of the novel was slow to develop then it picked up speed.

I loved the characters. There were many characters that wasn't really relevant to the story. You just have to ignore them.  were outside chatter.  I enjoyed the relationship of mother and son, the social culture between USSR and the USA between 1917-2008.

I am glad I picked up the book. It was a great experience.  I have never read a book and changed my view about it after digesting it. Each chapter is divided between mother and son. It was confusing in the beginning of the novel. I didn't like the setup of the novel at first, the characters. I believe that is the author's style. Many authors alternate chapters to build up the momentum.  But, then the book grabbed me. You just have to have patience and give it a chance.

I love the history of relations of both the Russian and US government. The difference between the governments, democracy vs. communism. The culture of both societies.

I thought it was an interesting story line of an American woman immigrating to Russia.Then her son, Julian, and her grandson, Lenny going in reverse.

It opens in Brooklyn 1934 before WW2. With Florence who is unhappy living in the US she then decides to immigrate to Russia. She gives up her citizenship. When she gets in trouble she tries to get help from the American embassy. Like so many others that relinquished their American citizenship. US embassy refused to help them.

She is separated from her family. Her son, Julian. Years later he investigates he's mother's files when he returns to Russia. He learns a new story about his mother.

I plan on reading again. I believe I would enjoy it more the second time around. There are some novels that you have to read again. This is one of them.

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Norma said...

I've read a lot of Russian history. Just don't care much for novels.

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