Saturday, July 15, 2017

Jared and Ivanka Trump- JOKE

Check out the article in the Forward

It is understood that the Kushner's are modern orthodox. Am I missing something here? If you are Jewish you understand. What I am talking about. Modern orthodox Jews do dress modern. But, where is the yarmulke on Jared's head? Look at Ivanka no way would it be appropriate to dress immodestly. With arms exposed. Her dress is very provocative.

The big joke is that they had to ask a Rabbi if they could travel with President Trump to the middle east on Friday. Give me a break! It is so hypocritical. They are hoping this will make news. For anyone is Jewish to praise them.

I am not modern orthodox. But, I do know what it means to be modern orthodox.  I use to see modern orthodox in NYC and in Miami. This is not how you would dress if you are modern orthodox.

To be modern orthodox still means you have to eat kosher, and dress without concealing your arms. Skirts and dresses should be below the knee. Wearing stocking. Women don't wear slacks.  It just shows that they want to be seen as something that are not.

Jared Kushner is just as bad as he's father in law, ruthless, and greedy. There is no room for that in Judaism. But for some reason they want to be thought of as religious Jews, what a joke. If they were they would believe in social justice. As Jews we are taught to stand up for what is right. Not them.

This bothers me because people who are not Jewish will think this is how Jews act and behave. They look at examples. Why is no one calling them out on this? I would think the Rabbi's would stand up, and say something.

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