Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rosh Hodesh Group of the Grand Strand

A few years ago, I formed a Rosh Hodesh group with another person in the Jewish community. Unfortuately personalities clashed.But, I was very busy with school, and still am.

I am happy to say a new Rosh Hodesh group is starting up again. It is called Rosh Hodesh Group of the Grand Strand.

The ladies are from the more traditional sect, of Chabad.   I just want to see it succeed this time. The other group was getting dry, and doing more social events, it was getting too dull,the activities were basically the same.

This time these ladies are doing the traditional route. Where there are discussions of women's values, being Jewish, sometimes making Challah, etc.. I used to belong to a RH group up north that was more discussion based, and not so much on social activities.

I am looking forward to the group re-starting with fresh blood.  I must thank, Susan Cohen for keeping me in the loop.  The group is starting on Nov. 24th, which most of us, I don't think will make because it is too close to Thanksgiving. Instead they are having a launch party to let the ladies know about RH. On Monday they will be having a party on Monday, date, and time will be posted soon. I hope y'all can make it. If you are female, live in the Grand Strand community,  Jewish, and over the age of 12, please come join the Rosh Hodesh Group.

This excerpt is copied from one of my favorite sites, Jewish Learning, for more info, go visit, Rosh Chodesh has long been considered a special holiday for women. Some say that this is because the women of Israel did not offer their jewelry for the creation of the Golden Calf. As a result, they were given Rosh Chodesh as a day when they could abstain from work. To this day, some women refrain from some forms of labor on Rosh Chodesh. Others have connected the waxing and waning of the moon to a woman's menstrual cycle. Whatever the reason, Rosh Chodesh has long been a time for Jewish women to gather for a wide variety of activities, from reciting tradition liturgy, to sharing a meal, discussing Jewish ethics, and working for social change. 

You also can visit them on their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rosh-Chodesh-Society-of-Myrtle-Beach/865323760165326

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