Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jewish Carnival for August

By Joseph Teluskin
Harper Collins

This past month, the Chabad community of Myrtle Beach hosted a wonderful program. It was a book review, and discussion of the life of Rabbi Schneerson. Not just the orthodox community came. But, the rest of the Jewish community of Myrtle Beach was represented.  Which included Temple Emanu-El, Temple Shalom, and Temple Beth Elohim. Apparently all over the United States, each Barnes and Noble invites the Chabad community to talk about the books. Incidentally, there are two others that came out about the Rebbe recently as well.  This comes on the twentieth anniversary of his death.

 I grew up in Michigan, and in New Jersey. Raised Jewish in a conservative temple. I went to hebrew school. But, my family never exposed me to the orthodox community.Living  in New Jersey, and occasionally saw girls in long dresses, and lots of babies and was curious, but not overly curious. The same in Miami.  Where I lived, which was not a " community of Jews". I lived in a mainly christian area all my life.

But, when I moved to Myrtle Beach, a small coastal town. The Chabad community sticks out. Seeing them every  Saturday walking to shul.  I was very curious about the orthodox community of Jews. I came to know them, because I became friendly with one of the teachers. She occasionally called on me to substitute at the Chabad school. I learned more and more about Chabad, and the community.

Then a couple of us, wanted to start a Rosh Hodesh group. This is when I learned about the Chabad community. When I got into their circle. I was then invited to Rosh Hashanah dinners, and Shabbat dinners occasionally. Where I learned more about practices the traditions and rituals as a Jew.

Now, I will introduce you to Rebbe, by Joseph Teluskin.  Rebbe is a fascinating book. It divides the chapters up in different topics of the Rebbe. It is a fast, and easy read. Not, too academic for the lay person. The book is over 600 pages.The Chabad headquarters is in Crown Heights in New York City.  You learn about the many emissaries that go into towns to start a outreach.  You learn a bit about his life. How the Chabad started in Europe. How he became the successor for his father in law.  Who would become his successor? What happened to his many books? What his ideas are, what he thinks about politics, what his thoughts are about boys going to college, etc. etc.

I have and own a couple of Joseph Teluskin's books, and enjoy reading them. This book, was not a disappointment.  I would like to thank, Harper Collins for giving me a review copy. Here is a link about Rabbi Schneerson.  Here is another link for more specific information. If you are orthodox, and looking for information on Chabad here is their link.

Also, here is a review by one of my favorite Jewish author's, Dara Horn.

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