Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blog Tour: Line Up

Today, I have been invited to participate in the TLC Book Tour of, Line Up.  I would like to thank TLC Book Tours asking me to participate.  You can visit the other stops at TLC Book Tours site, and a special treat, a interview at CBS News with the author, Llad Shoham. .
 This is the first time I am reading a novel that takes place in Israel. I have always been told to stay away from books from Israeli author's because of the translation.  Too many strange names, and places.  Even though I know a little hebrew, I have always been put off.

Either, they never heard of this author before, Liad Shoham, or we were told wrong. Because Line Up, is terrific. It gets you at the first sentence and grabs you, and it doesn't let you go. 

I don't know much what comes out of Israel. But, what I do know it is used to be there was limited books translated to English. But, now it seems that there are more authors able to be translated and read by English speaking language. 

I am very happy I read this book. There is many twists and turns, and holds your attention.

It starts in Tel Aviv, Israel,with the noisy retired, older lady, Sara Glazer. She is  watching out in the wee hours of the morning making sure that her neighbor picks up after his dog. 

Sara Glazer, notices a man and a woman, then a struggle, she realizes it is more sinister, it is a rape. But, she keeps her mouth closed. Can she identify the man?

But, what we do know is Adi Regav has been raped brutally. After the rape she and her family will never be the same. Adi, is a single, independent woman. She is terrified every day, wondering what is lurking outside her window. Her father,Yaron sits and waits outside of her apartment building, waiting there to protect his daughter. 

One night, while he is sitting out in his car, while he's daughter is in her apartment. Yaron notices something strange. A man is following a woman. He thinks to himself definitely, this is the same man that raped my daughter. He bring him to justice. But, not everything seems as it should. 

He manipulates he's daughter, and pretty much persuades her to give the confession.  She is not sure if this is the guy, but believes her father, that she is doing the right thing.  But, then she recants her story and is left off.   Why is she being so gullible?  Why is she being persuaded.  Should you always believe your parents? Would you have done the same thing?

The man picked up is, Ziv. He works for a mafia mob boss. But, he is mistakenly picked up. He is not about to tell the real truth about what he was doing outside her window.  He keeps his mouth quiet. They are accusing him of something else.    Then realizing they don't know the original crime he committed.

He is not going to tell the police what really went down. He is released on a technicality. The mafia is looking for him. But, luckily Ziv is one step ahead of them. This is when it gets exciting. 

That is all I am going to reveal. Because if I reveal too much more I will ruin it for you. 

This is not my type of book. I usually read literary fiction, or historical fiction. But, when TLC book tours asked me if I was interested, I jumped at the chance. 

For years I wanted to read something from my "tribe". But,there wasn't anything that took my fancy. I am so glad, that TLC Book Tours contacted me.

I was in the need of a fun book. I have not found any good books to read lately. But, this one hits the spot if you are in the mood of a fun, beach read. 

One thing, I have noticed not putting the author down. The writing is not flowery, or pretty. It is simple writing, like you were reading a newspaper. The author doesn't trick you. He gets to the point. This book doesn't make you think, and question. Just read it for what it is. 

On the cover of the book it did not tell me if the novel was translated or not.  It hit me, the writing was different, perhaps it was not translated.   The writing is not a usually writing style of any authors I know.   Not even John Grisham writes as plain as that. 

Why would the author not write in his native language Israel first. Strange, but it made me think of the writing style.   Anyway,  The novel is a best seller in Israel.  I wonder why??   I thought it was great, no matter if I am not used to the writing style.


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