Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Book Review: Witness by Ruth Gruber

By Ruth Gruber

Witness, is a conglomeration of Ruth Gruber's travels from 1940's-1985.  She was the first person to earn her PH.D in one year. She then became a writer on her travels to the Artic, and the Gulag. She then traveled to Alaska, where she took beautiful pictures of Eskimo's that lived there.

She was selected by Ickes, to accompany 1000 holocaust survivors from Italy to Ortega, N. Y.  Which is on the border of the United States and Canada. These refugees were only to be guests to President Roosevelt until the war was over. Ruth, helped the refugees to become American Citizens.

 She took pictures of the holocaust survivors that were in the DP Camps, and showed the crowded, poor sanitary conditions, ragged clothes, and what conditions they were living in.  She took these pictures with such emotion and care. You could tell she care about the people she took pictures of.

Ruth is known for the pictures she took on the Exodus. The pictures were on the front page of many newspapers. Exodus was made into a movie with Paul Newman.  Just as a side note she has written many books, I plan to read a few more.  I hope to convince my book club to maybe read the book Haven.  Ruth Gruber is a incredible woman, and she is over 100 years old.

Ruth Gruber witnessed history in the making, she didn't just take pictures. She saw history, and witnessed it.  This was the time that most people knew about what was happening in the world. They were proud to be American citizens.

I have written a couple posts about her below. I hope you will check it out.

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