Monday, December 17, 2012

Belated Chanakah Book Club

This month, our book club Beach Babes Book Brigade,  did something different.  Instead of discussing the book, we decided to do a book review on the book that you would like to swap. 

My team of book club members went into action. They cooked up scrumptious latkes of different kinds, salad, and different desserts.  After that I am stuffed. I did not want to review anything I was stuffed.

We went around to each member to discuss our best, and worst book club book of 2012.  I have been in a existing book club for about 7 years.  But, they don't usually like to do anything different. Just discuss the book.  The book club, Beach Babes Book Brigade has been in existence since March.

From the books we read, this is all the members take on books we chose. Everyone loved Forgotten Garden, a few picked Dovekeepers. The worst, was G-ds from Alabama.  My personal favorites, was Paris Wife by Paula McLain and Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.

The books that members chose to review and swap was:

I reviewed Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingslover. You can read my review below this post.   Also, Little Bee by Chris Cleeve, Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah which will be discussing in the summer. Rachel Simon's true account of her disabled sister on the bus.  Another was Private, by James Patterson.  The book club member that reviewed did not think it was his best.
 One person did not read the instructions and brought a book that she did not read. But, I gave it to her. Unfortunately, I did not remember the book too much. If I had known I would have brought notes from my blog.   The only thing, I  remembered it had spiritual undertones about Judiasm. The book is called, Kitchen's Daughter. I remember loving it. 

The books we will be reading in the following months with some with special speakers:

Jane Eyre will have a guest speaker from CCU on Jan. 28th at California Dreaming.
 February-In the Garden of Beasts by Erik Larson.
March- Raquella by Ruth Gruber in honor of Hadassah's 100th B-day.
April-Story of Beautiful Girl by Ruth Simon
May- Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick
June-Rav Hisda's Daughter- This will be a Jewish Community Read. Guest Speaker Rabbi Debbi Slavitt will be speaking.
July-Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah
August- Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern( Magically Novel).

To recap to do different next year.  We will wrap the book, and do it as a white elephant.
I hope to next year do something crafty. I have seen some book clubs make book marks with the year of books that chose.  If anyone has done book marks using their books for the year. Please leave your comments below.

Hag Sameach!!!!

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