Thursday, April 19, 2012

World Book Night 2012

World Book Night starts Monday night. I am very excited.
I am a book blogger, and love to read and share my reviews on books.
Being a book giver on WBN is a dream come true. Giving away 20 books. 

It is also Tzedakah which makes it  even better.  There are no hooks, or deals. You just get a nice new copy of a book.

  I have read, and enjoyed reading, Namesake.  I received 20 copies of Namesake to pass on to my recipients.

The only stimulation that I have and the World Book Night organizers have.  You have to be a light reader, without the time to go to the library in your busy life. Or don't have the finances to get to the library.

When you finish reading, we hope this will get you to go back to a library to get a library card and take out a book.  In turn in your busy life, reading will become a part of your life. Sharing books with others, and talk about the books.  Would this be funny, it may turn you into a book blogger like me. Or even join a book club.  We hope that you will pass on your copy of the novel, Namesake to someone else, and turn your children, or friends or family to reading.  That would be something else.

We hope that you enjoyed it so much that you will pass it on to share your love of reading to someone else, and take the time in your day to read another book.

If you live in the Myrtle Beach area stop on by on Monday evening and if you are a light reader I will give you a copy.  Or just say, hi!!!

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