Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sarah's Key, the movie was adapted by the novel from the same name. I was not sure what to expect. All I knew was it happened in France during WW2. Our book club read and discussed the book. Unfortunately, I never read it, I was busy with school.

This is not a straight narrative. I now understand why other people beside Jews want to see this movie. It is a mystery of what happens to Sarah and her brother.
The movie, is about a family rounded up in France. Which is true. Not, German but the French government rounded up Jews and held them in a colosium to be transported to work camps. Sara convinces her mother to let her brother stay in a closet and not come out till they come back. Sara thought she was doing the right thing, not realizing they would not be back for weeks, or months even. Sara escapes with another fellow prisoner to go back and get her brother from the closet.
Her friend and her are taken in by a husband and wife. Unfortunately, her friend dies of diptheria.
Sara goes back to the apartment where her brother was hidden.The family that lives there lets her in with hesitation. What she finds in the closet will tear her up for the rest of her life.
Then the story goes forward to present time. A journalist finds out about the little piece of french history, that has been hidden. She digs more into the story. She finds out that by coincidence her husband's family were the tenants that were in the apartment. She feels so guilty about this. Because she and her husband are renovated the apartment to live there.
The journalist keeps digging to find out what happened to Sara afterward. You will have to see the movie to see the conclusion.

My thoughts of the movie, I enjoyed it. I would sell it as a mystery, not a holocaust movie. The way most holocaust movies are done, this was not typical.
If you are looking to see a new bit of holocaust history fused with mystery, then I would recommend it.

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