Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fighting For Abby Dorn's Rights

Abby Dorn, is the daughter of Susan and Paul Cohen. I met Susan from joining Temple Emanu-el, about 10 years ago.
Susan and Paul had had their trials and tribulations since I met both of them. Before their daughter's preganancy, their house burned to the ground.
Susan and I were in adult Bat-Mitzvah classes together as well. Her faith has never waivered about the healing of her daughter. She has great faith in g-d, and her daughter's recovery. Susan is the kindest and most compassionate person I know.

In 2006, Susan found out her daughter Abby Dorn, was pregnant. She had tried to get pregnant several times.  This time the pregnancy took, but it was a high risk. She was restricted to bed rest. Both Paul, and Susan were happy with the news.
Then in June, I still remember this day clearly. We were going to the movies.
She received a phone call. That Abby was having contractions. No reason to panic at that time. As I recall Susan flew out that day, to LA.

 Back here, in SC we did not know the bad news for a few days.  Something went wrong, between Abbey's doctor, from Ceders-Sinai Medical Center in California.  A complication arouse while giving birth.  Abby had a blood clot to her brain that caused a stroke, with paralysis.
 The delivery with the babies(triplets) was uneventful.

Susan, and Paul( a medical doctor), decided to move from SC, to LA and to help out. Not knowing Dan, would divorce Abby eventually. Dan and Abby are observant Jews. Dan, as the talmud says, can divorce Abby because she can no longer have children, and can't live as observant Jewish wife.
Susan and Paul were living in California, separate from Dan, their son-in-law, in another part of town. Susan would take up her days to make sure that Abby was getting the care she needed( therapy).

Eventually, the family moved back to Myrtle Beach( Susan, Paul, and Abby), without the children. Unfortunately, Dan was fighting a legal battle for the children, and support. Which is still in the courts as we speak.

 Her house has special equipment that was put in the house before the family moved back. Abbey has two aides to take care of her 24 hours a day. Abbey, is lucky to have parents, like Paul and Susan. Abbey is very lucky to have a very caring, dedicated mother with lots of chutzpah. When it gets tough, Susan doesn't quit.  She keeps on fighting for her daughter
Dan, Abbey's ex-husband's lawyer, believes that Abbey doesn't have any rights to the children, because of her disability. That no one has right to children if she has a disability, or a low IQ. There is something wrong with this picture.

For the first time, her children came to SC to see her, in Myrtle Beach, SC. A article was written in the LA Times this morning. Here is the link. Please let everyone know on your email list, social networks, friends at work, etc. Also you may check out here on the news.

I wrote the on my blog draft about a year ago. The update is that Susan and Paul won the case for their daughter Abby. Abby did spend time with her children last year.  If you want to hear more about Abby, check out Susan's fb page on, Stand Up For Abby Dorn.

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