Friday, November 13, 2009

Our First Book Club

Our book club met for the first time. We discussesd Gurersney's Literary Potato Peel Pie Society. Alot to discuss. We all just loved the book. We liked the historical background as well as the story. We were amazed about the historical background of the story. We did not know that part of this small island was occupied by the Germans. We were surprised that England just abandoned this tiny island and did nothing to prevent this.

Our book club was only going to meet 3-4 times a year we are going to try meet every month and see what happpens. We had 6 people come which better than the last time. We were all pretty happy.

We decided on two books for the next two months:

Snow In August by Peter Hamill

People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks.

Both of these books I have read and enjoyed. It is going to be great discussing the two books in the upcoming months with our book club. Both of these books I have enjoyed before and I will enjoy again.

Pete Hamill wrote Snow In August. I just loved this book. About a boy that is not Jewish and befriends a Rabbi.
I learned about the Golem from this book.

I always wanted to have a book club meeting to discuss Snow in August but the chance never came untill now. I can't wait. I had writen to the author to see if he would think about talking to my book club through speakerphone. I am sure he is very busy, but who knows.

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