Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dead Weight

There is a new book out called Dead Weight by Batt Humphrey. I am excited because the book is based on facts. It happened close to my home town of Myrtle Beach. We don't have alot of books that are published by southern authors. Especially in SC, and about a person that is Jewish. If you are interested go to the author's website deadweight.us .

The story takes place in the turn of the century in Charleston, SC. It is about a Jewish merchant that is murdered. A African American is blamed and eventually tried for the murder.

This book has recieved great reviews. I have a bookish friend that saw Mr. Humphrey at a moveable feast. She told me he was awesome. I hope that he may be able to speak at one of my book clubs.

I have a friend that belongs to the Georgetown Temple in Georgetown, SC. Their temple was started by the Charleston Jewish community many years ago. They would probably be interested.

Mr. Humphrey is a CBS, senior producer and a resident of the Charleston, SC area.
Looking forward for Mr. Humphrey's doing a guest blog soon.
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