Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Susie Does it Again

I was thrilled to receive a copy of Susie Fishbein's new cookbook. This is her seventh in Kosher By Design series. Kosher by Design, Passover by Design, Kosher by Design entertains, Kosher by Design;Short on Time, and Kosher by Design; Kids in the Kitchen. The cookbook ia written by Susie and Bonnie Taub-Dix a dietitian, a spokesperson for the American Dietician. The cookbook starts with a introduction in healthy eating habits. She tells you to rethink how you eat, and to rethink about the supermarket experience. I haven't seen this in other cookbooks But I don't go out looking for cookbooks either.

There is a listing of definitions of vitamins, minerals and chemicals that are good for you and tells you why it is healthy for you.

Her entertaining ideas are wonderful. I may use some of her helpful hints of entertaining.

She tells you about new foods that have been discovered to be very good for your health, such as Salmon, Beans, Blueberries, Dark Chocolate, etc.
It goes into flour, grains, oils, sugars, seeds and nuts. Susie tells you about the different oils and then you consider which one is better for you. For example to me it looks like sunflower seeds are overall are better for you it contains antioxidants and vit.C and E. Brown rice is better for you than white rice. They have been saying that for years. Out of the oils Olive oil is the best to use. olive oil contains monounsaturated fats which is thought to lower cholesterol. Extra virgin oils are the best virgin oils to use.

The recipe for Honey Oat Challah. For years we have been using all purpose flour her recipe calls for whole wheat flour. In the introduction of the recipe she gives you the reason for the switch to whole wheat flour. You are less likely to develop type 2-diabetes and becoming obese. But this not a cure all but it can help you eat better and have a healthier life.

There are some recipes I would try on my family there are other recipes that I would only use for entertaining and for Shabbat dinner. a few recipes call for different ingredients that are staples in the other countries. that were not as easily accessible years ago but with the internet recipes have changes with added flavors and tastes that add a unique flavor.

There is a summer roll it looks just beautiful. I would like to try this in the summer months. This recipe calls for foods that you may have to get at a specialty supermarket. Chummos Canapes, Marrakesh Carrot Salad, is one of my favorite recipes, I love it with extra garlic it gives a little more bite. The Cranberry Couscous Salad is very different. I used regular couscous rather than Israeli couscous with cranberries. My 18 yr. old son loved the White Portobello Pizzas, he is a picker eater. Don't forget all these recipes are good for you and the full of different tastes and flavors that compliment each other,

There is not a single recipe that is a traditional Jewish recipe they are a updated version of a traditional recipe. You don't need to be Kosher to enjoy these recipes.

There is a few paragraphs that talks about the kosher kitchen but the cookbook is not a extensive wealth of information. It is a best if you are deciding to become kosher to find a more concise one. I have How To Keep Kosher by Lisa Stern. But I do not recommend it for someone that is highly observant. I would consult your Rabbi first. He will direct you to the best kosher books to read.

The Photographs of the final products are just beautiful. She really knows how to make a nice presentation. They are mouthwatering recipes. Some of the the recipes called for ingredients that may be hard to find in certain areas of the country. But some ingredients you can substitute.

Overall I liked this cook book. I can see this cook book used for for preparing and entertaining healthy foods for large dinner parties, and Shabbat dinner. Even some recipes for the upcoming Superbowl. HAPPY COOKING, HAG SAMEACH, and Happy Chanakah!

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