Saturday, December 20, 2008

All Other Nights-Dara Horn

I just found this e-letter from Hadassah-Brandeis Institute. I am excited about a new book that Dara Horn wrote. It will be published in March. I am linking here with her interview and a few other Jewish authors.
Here is her website to read about her new book that will becoming out in March and her other two books. I can't wait for it to be published. Herfirst book, In Her Image, was about coming to America. In the early 20th century Jewish immigrants came to the new country. When the Jewish immigrants landed in NYC the men took their tefillin out of their satchels and threw it in the ocean. This was very significant because they were proclaiming they were tearing off their old customs and taking on the new American customs. T I still remember this in her book. I loved the symbolism.

This synopsis is from the Amazon website. This is the only information I could find on her new book. I will be waiting in great anticipation. A gripping epic about the great moral struggles of the Civil War. How is tonight different from all other nights? For Jacob Rappaport, a Jewish soldier in the Union army, it is a question his commanders have answered for him: on Passover in 1862 he is ordered to murder his own uncle, who is plotting to assassinate President Lincoln.

After that night, will Jacob ever speak for himself? The answer comes when his commanders send him on another mission—this time not to murder a spy but to marry one.

A page-turner rich with romance and the history of America (North and South), this is a book only Dara Horn could have written. Full of insight and surprise, layered with meaning, it is a brilliant parable of the moral divide that still haunts us: between those who value family first and those dedicated, at any cost, to social and racial justice for all.

All Other Nights is very different than her other books it includes a mystery. Usually her books are layered with yiddishkeit, and Jewish mysticism. It seems very different with American history. I knew there were issues if you were a northern Jew or a southern Jew where do you draw the line when you know the other soldier is Jewish. What side is your alligence fall on if you are Jewish. When you are a northerner and you are a fellow Jewish southerner needs help what do you do? My son was learning about this in hebrew school. I can't even imagine do you kill the other soldier knowing that he is Jewish? I have always wondered about that. But the symbolism is interesting. Each Passover all Jews say this line when we are at the Seder. All Other Nights, The significance is ironic. Passover is about the parasha of Exodus. Jews in Slavery in Egypt this is very significant because of the Civil War. I may just buy the book for the Jewish book Challenge that I am participating in. Since it has a underlining significance with Passover. So Look Out For This Book. All Other Nights by Dara Horn. This is one of those books you can't wait for.

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