Saturday, July 26, 2008

September of Shivaz

Septembers of Shivaz was a hard book to read because of the story.
Each character told the story.
Issac,is a gem dealer he was accused of being a Zionist spy and jailed. the mother Farnaz scared for her family, who can she trust. Shiran the young daughter ignored. The son Parviz, from far away searching for spiritualism and he's religious beliefs
The housekeeper's son, and other employees steal from Issac's business. The employees tell Farnaz they are keeping it for safe keeping. Of course, she knows this is not true. Then they search the house.
Farnaz, doesn't know who to trust not till the end of the book does she realize that the person she was suspicious about could be trusted.
The 10 yr.old daughter, named Shiran takes the files of her Uncle and buries it in her garden.
Parviz,the son has moved to the US, in Brooklyn NY. It is never discussed why. If it is for safety or to go to school in the US. He is there before he's father is jailed.
The son meets a observant Jewish woman, which he is not observant. Most of us know this will probably be the conflict, he realizes that they both live in different worlds.
There are a few points, this did not feel like I was reading a Jewish novel.
But what make a story Jewish anyway??
At times the story reminded me of the Holocaust, The family scared that they would be detected because they were Jews. And when they were trying to leave the country.
The book is the author's experience when she lived in Iran. I liked the writing style, kept your interest. I like the idea that the story was not neatly wrapped in a pretty bow.
At the end the family leaves Iran and the husband ponders" Why the constant indignation of a man who dares to live well? Does living well imply selfishness? Was-he=Issac Amin- a selfish man? I liked the book I give it a THUMBS UP with 4 stars.
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